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Terms & Conditions

RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY: Camera Accessory Solutions(CAS) products may be exchanged or returned for a full refund of the purchase price, not including shipping and/or related or unrelated costs, with proof of purchase within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, providing the product is free of any damage or excessive wear as a result of use or misuse. All return and exchange policy provisions apply to CAS product resellers.

CAS Vendors may return or exchange vendor-purchased items for a period up to 60 days. All and any returns or exchanges will be subject to a 10% restocking fee of the resale price.

PAYMENT METHODS: Camera Accessory Solutions (CAS)accepts payment by cash, check, through PayPal or Wells Fargo Zelle Pay. Current and/or prevailing processing fees will be added with all PayPal transactions. CAS does not accept payment through credit or debit cards. All payment terms are C.O.D., including orders to be shipped. CAS does not provide or participate in C.O.D. delivery.

SHIPPING: Camera Accessory Solutions (CAS) will ship any order for a shipping and handling rate determined by CAS. CAS will ship any order free of shipping charge when a shipping account number is provided by the recipient/customer and shipping method is FedEx or UPS standard ground. A handling fee may apply, depending on packaging requirements with or without the use of a customers shipping account.

CAS will ship as instructed by the customer but will not guarantee delivery dates or times. CAS may not make any financial remedy for discrepancies of scheduled delivery dates or times. CAS is not at any time liable for lost, stolen or damaged items as a result of incorrect, faulty shipping information or instruction provided, mishandling of packages or shipment collection by unauthorized third party recipients.

CAS will not at any time be held liable for incorrectly ordered and/ or shipped items as a result of merchandise or shipping instructions being provided verbally only or in languages other than English. CAS requires all orders be placed by electronic email or by standard mail in order to be honored and fulfilled.

CAS may provide replacement items or refund merchandise and/or shipping costs to the buyer if in the event CAS willfully or mistakenly ships incorrect items to the buyer’s address, ships correct items to an incorrect, faulty address or both.

SHIPPING FEES: A fee of $7.00 per shipment will be charged to buyer for international shipping or shipping by shipping services other than FedEx or UPS standard ground. Example; Priority or Standard or Priority Overnight shipping, 2-day or 3rd day air or third party delivery will be subject to this fee. Fee will apply even with the use of a shipping account number provided by the buyer.

PRODUCT LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: Camera Accessory Solutions (CAS) assumes no responsibility for damage to, or failure of its products or components of, damage to, or failure of any other products or components of in related use with, personal injury or death as a result of negligence or misuse of or with any CAS products or components of. CAS assumes no responsibility for damage to, or failure of its products or components of, damage to, or failure of any other products or components of, personal injury or death as a result of its products being used for purposes other that what they are designed and/or intended for. CAS reserves the right to change/alter the design and/or manufacturing methods of any of its products at any time without notification to or approval from any client or customer.

By purchasing CAS products, the buyer(s) agrees to and are bound by the terms and conditions described above.

CAS holds the right to modify, add or remove any and all conditions, fees, terms and provisions to this agreement at any time without consent of its vendors or customers.

For all inquiries or additional information, please contact us at the telephone number below.  Please send all correspondence to;

Please send all correspondence to;

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