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Maintenance and Repair

Thank you for choosing this genuine, American made quality Camera Accessory Solutions Product. Camera Accessory Solutions products can be easily maintained and service in the following ways;

STORAGE- Steel and aluminum is very strong and durable. However, almost nothing is impervious to the elements and can be subject to many types of rust and corrosion. Store Camera Accessory Solutions products in a clean, dry environment such as a case or plastic bag. Do not store outside in the open air or in a non weatherproof container such as a cardboard box or paper bag. Do not store in an excessively dusty, wet or humid environment. Avoid storing items piled together unprotected in a drawer, accessory bag or other container that will be consistently opened, closed, dropped or shoved around.

USE AND APPLICATION- Keep products in closed cases or in closed padded bags when not being used. If a product gets wet, towel dry and blow off with canned or compressed air as soon as possible. If a product gets dropped onto a hard surface such as cement or steel, inspect the product for damage and loose or missing components. Avoid sticking or wrapping tape on mating surfaces when possible.

To avoid damage, It is recommended that if you keep a set of Spidergrips built and set up in a camera-ready configuration, do not keep in a cloth bag or in case with other free floating large and heavy items in it. Avoid keeping on a cart or table where something can be placed or dropped on top of it or shoved against it. If you do need to store a set of Spidergrips built and set up in a camera-ready configuration, it is recommended to clamp a short length pair of 15mm or 19mm studio rods in the rod holes of the Spidergrips center bracket. Clamping the rods in the outside studio rod holes of the Spidergrips center bracket is preferred and will help to avoid the center bracket getting bend and damaged from the causes previously described.

Spidergrips handle pads wear out and get damaged over time, especially the older black colored rubber coated foam handle pads. At the bottom of this Maintenance and Repair page on our website are tutorial videos showing step by step, an inexpensive, durable and effective way to repair worn out and damaged Spidergrips padded handle grips.

The Spidergrips Microforce adapter bracket comes with 2 M6x1 emergency captive bolts for attaching it to the Spidergrips extension bars without the accessory thumb knob and one for attaching the Microforce adapter bracket directly to a female Arri style camera rosette.

PRACTICE SAFETY-For their intended use, Spidergrips clamp sufficiently to the camera iris rods. However, it is possible that the Spidergrips set, clamped in position may slip off of iris rods or rods may slip off from the camera due to configuration, weight, movement, equipment manufacturing variations or equipment condition from wear and tear. Therefore, always practice safety and caution when camera operating with a Spidergrips set in a significant or extreme upward or downward camera angle.

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to use a Spidergrips set or the individual components of it as a camera carry-handle.

Keep Camera Accessory Solutions camera dovetail bottom baseplates in a case when not in use and avoid staging them in a manner where they can fall to the ground and damage the dovetail ways or the push-button mechanism on the ends.

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN FASTENERS! Especially when they are 1/4-20 or smaller in size and require tools, including the M4 cap screws for Heavy Lens Baseplate studio rod support brackets. Avoid using tools to tighten or loosen Spidergrips thumb knobs. If you need to use a tool such as locking or adjustable pliers to loosen a Spidergrips thumb knob, avoid damaging the knurls by inserting a strong flexible material such as leather, cardboard or a thick and layered denim type fabric between the tool and the knurls on the thumb knob. You may want to wear a leather glove and attempt to loosen the knob by hand before resorting to tools.

CLEANING- Camera Accessory Solutions products are robust, durable and dependable. They are constructed primarily with aluminum and stainless steel components with some fasteners made from alloy steel and the use of durable plastics for specific internal components. Therefore, they can be cleaned by wiping down with a lightly oiled or cleaning agent soaked cloth, spraying with, scrubbing with a toothbrush or soaking the item in a diluted solution of, or a cleaning agent such as WD40, Liquid Wrench, lighter fluid, Acetone, Simple Green or Zep Orange Degreaser. Debris from adhesives and tape can be removed with ‘Goof-Off’. Be sure to read all cleaning product information to make sure that the cleaning agent is safe to be used on stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

Once the item has been removed from the solution or cleaning, thoroughly wipe clean and blow off with compressed air. Re-lubricate moving parts if needed with low viscosity oil.

It is not recommended to soak the item in a cleaning agent unless the item is clogged with debris to the point that it ceases to function as needed and cannot be cleaned by spraying the agent on a specific area to be cleaned or unclogged with compressed air and, or small non damaging cleaning tools such as plastic utensils, toothbrushes, Q-tips and toothpicks. Thread-lockers and lubrication of mating surfaces during initial product assembly may be weakened or removed by this process and should only be done when absolutely necessary. A more area specific cleaning with the use of spray cleaners and lubricants, brushes and non-damaging cleaning tools and compressed air is recommended for most product cleaning applications. Avoid disassembling the product when possible.

For Warranty, return and exchange policy information, please log onto our ‘Terms and conditions’ page. In our ongoing efforts to improve and maximize the efficiency of our products and services, we welcome and encourage all comments and suggestions about our products by logging onto our ‘contact us’ page at

Spidergrips Handle Grip Repair With Lathe – Tutorial No. 1

Spidergrips Handle Grip Repair – Tutorial No. 2

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